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Payment Methods

  • 15 July 2021
  • Posted By : Admin

Credit/Debit Card

Cards are a dominant payment option worldwide. Sell to a larger audience by accepting payments from universally recognized card brands.
Instant authorization and quick settlement time
Unparalleled payment processing scalability
Offer additional security through 3-D Secure

Internet Banking

Internet banking is a payment option based on online banking, representing a substantial percentage in the e-payments mix. The customer completes transactions online in their online banking environment; having funds debited from their bank account right away.
Automatic redirection to and from bank-operated page
Payment amount and reference numbers pre-filled out, making it effortless for buyers to transact payment
Store name displayed on bank-operated payment page to keep consistency and avoid confusion

Malaysian e-Money

Cash is a thing of the past. Increase your revenue by accepting payments from Malaysian e-Wallets. Your customers can now choose to pay using their preferred e-money provider.
Open your business to over 15 million users across Malaysia
Accept more payments from the young and tech-savvy generation of consumers